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Data Driven Investing Book CoverBased upon the principles discussed in our book, Data Driven Investing (available free on Google Books), DDIM offers weekly ratings on over 3000 stocks.  We place special emphasis on small capitalization stocks that receive little, if any, attention from Wall Street analysts. Our 52 years of backtesting and more than 16 years' trading experience (with over 20% compounded annual returns as summarized on this page, and as fully documented here as well as here) provide compelling evidence that small cap value stocks are a good bet to consistently outperform household names by significant margins (explained here)  - especially when they have other characteristics that our research has found to correlate with superior returns.

We are also huge believers in the value of vetted crowd sourced information. As we consider Seeking Alpha to be an outstanding resource for information and discussion that complements our ratings, we have tightly integrated our screening process with the articles provided on their website (free registration at Seeking Alpha required for basic access to articles).

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